WI Tech Month Celebrates Women in Tech : Grace Hameister

From Olympic-level rhythmic gymnast to geeky scientist, Dr. Grace’s journey began with a unique blend of athleticism and curiosity. Her exposure to the power of food on athletic performance during her gymnastics days set the stage for a remarkable career.


As a doctor, she treats celebrities, high-profile CEOs, and musicians, often using diet and food as the first line of defense against diseases or post-surgery recovery. But when the pandemic struck, she recognized the struggle people faced in accessing the right foods for healing. Determined to make a difference, Food FiXR was born.


Tech, Innovation, and Resilience:


Two years into the journey, Food FiXR faced its fair share of challenges. They were yet to secure funding from investors, but their product undeniably worked. Dr. Grace’s innovative approach led her to create the Food & Social Science Institute, a non-profit aimed at propelling their mission with grant funding. It’s also the tech community in Milwaukee that stepped in with a generous offer to build a new website and launch a crowdfunding campaign to support their development team.


Tech has profoundly impacted Dr. Grace’s life and career. She vividly recalls the dot-com boom in 1999, and now, she’s part of the renaissance with web 3.0, AI, and IoT. Her mission: disrupting food and health systems that aren’t working, using tech to make optimal health as accessible as a trip to the grocery store.

A Message to Aspiring Women in Tech:

Dr. Grace’s words of wisdom are as inspiring as her journey: Put yourself first, always. Rest, meditate, sleep, and eat excellent food. Listen to your gut, ask the universe with curiosity, and magical synchronicities will guide your way.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion:

Diversity and inclusion are at the core of Food FiXR’s values. They stand as fierce defenders of health for all, regardless of color, class, or gender.

Current Role and Future Initiatives:

As CEO of Food FiXR and Director of the Food & Social Science Institute, Dr. Grace is on a mission to bring awareness to healthy food choices and practices, helping people live a disease-free life, one informed bite at a time.

🙌 Join us in celebrating Dr. Grace Hameister, a true pioneer driving change through tech, health, and social impact. 🚀

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