Event Planning

  • What types of events can I host?

    • You can host workshops, seminars, panel discussions, hackathons, or any tech-related events that align with the goals of WI Tech Month.

  • What are the guidelines for hosting an event?

    • Event host must make sure their event is inclusive and accessible to the WI Tech community

    • We request event host to share their registration data with WI Tech Month internal team so we can strengthen our comms

  • Can I collaborate with other hosts or organizations?

    • Yes, collaboration is encouraged. Please inform us of any partnerships so we can assist and promote accordingly.

Promotion and Marketing

  • How can I promote my event?

    • We provide promotional materials and support through our social media channels. You can also promote your event through your networks.

    • Your event will be amplified on the community calendar

  • Will my event be listed on the WI Tech Month website?

    • Yes, all approved events will be listed on our website with details and registration links on the community calendar

During the Event


  • Who can I contact if I need help during the event?

  • Our support team will be available to assist you. You can reach them at zech@jetconstellations.com.

  • What are the expectations for accessibility and inclusivity?

  • We encourage hosts to make events accessible to all.

After the Event

  • How do I provide feedback or share the success of my event?

  • We’d love to hear about your experience! You can share feedback and success stories through zech@jetconstellations.com.

  • What happens if I need to cancel or change my event?

  • Please notify us as soon as possible if you need to cancel or change your event.

  • Is there an opportunity to participate again next year?


  • Absolutely! We welcome returning hosts and will provide information about next year’s WI Tech Month closer to the date.

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